Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who's the Boss? Luke is...

Luke has always been the boss, which seems strange to me. Didn’t he know he’s supposed to be the super chill #2?

Since he came home from the hospital, Luke has been able to go from happy and docile Luke to a raging, mad, turning purple because things aren’t going his way Luke in less than 20 seconds.
Now, he’s discovered that in addition to a terrific amount of yelling all he needs is his pointer finger, some grunting, and the occasional favorite word (airplane, bird, kisses, tickles, cookie, strawberry, banana), to get what he wants. He’s rather tenacious, so he’ll keep on whoever is on hand until they fulfill the command.
Unfortunately, Luke hasn’t learned an important word that would help with this process: yes.
So, the past few days have been spent with me carrying Luke on my hip as he points me in the right direction, I find what he thinks he wants, and then, he gives me an emphatic, “NO!” It’s been puzzling because I’ll then walk somewhere else to figure out what he wants and soon have a screaming, purple Luke on my hands.
It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that Luke doesn’t get the whole “yes,” “no” concept. So, an emphatic “NO” can be “NO, I really don’t want that!” or “YES, now, give it to me!”

Sometimes, I forget he doesn’t have a complete command of the English language because well, he’s the boss.


Mary said...

You seem to be understanding that the yes-no communication problem is yours and not Luke's. This is as it should be; Luke is our boss, well, and Julio's, apparently.

Adriana said...

I can see now why his nickname is Lukezilla. :) Isn't it such a good thing that they are so cute? (at least half of the time? )

Emma said...

What a cute boss! I wish we were closer, then we could leave N and L in a room and let them boss each other around.

Kate said...

That's seems SO funny for the second child. But I think I may have been the same way. I'm going to have to agree that if you're going to be bossed around, it's better to be bossed around by a cutie.