Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fresh Peach Pie

I try to post a recipe at least once a week on this blog. Today, I did a post about my Young Women's leaders and the killer cookbook they put together (and gave us credit for)--included is a recipe for the best peach pie.


Kate said...

I've been wanting to start a recipe-sharing blog with some friends. What a fun idea! I just commented over on your cooking blog... my thoughts on the black cookbook. I don't know what I'd do without my Arcadia Ward cookbooks!!!

Camelot said...

I'm excited to try this recipe.
I have an old recipe from my friend's grandmother that I've always thought was the best peach pie ever, so I'd love to improve on it!
(and, Mark's favorite food is pie, I recently learned)

Jessica said...

Shoot, I was signed in as my sister!
But, she just started a blog, so you can go over and say hi if you want.
(her blog has ice cream and peaches: yum)
But, that was me. . .sorry

EmilyCC said...

Kate, if you (and any other friends) want to join ours, you're more than welcome--it's pretty quiet most of the time, and I'd love to get more recipes from it!

Kate said...

Okay... I accepted the invite. Thanks! Fun fun fun!