Sunday, June 22, 2008

Peter Piper Pizza

Asher, Luke, and I went to Peter Piper Pizza this week. They have an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet for $4.95 with kids 3 and under eating free. We stayed there for almost 2 hours with Luke and Asher playing all the games (please note: if you teach my kids that the games use tokens, I'll have to kill you).

But, the best part about this is our allergy experience. I HATE going to new resturants with Asher. I have to speak to the manager, look at their food labels, and I can tell that many of these managers are thinking "Oh, it's one of those crazy moms who thinks her kid is allergic to everything."

Our shift manager, Manuel, totally rocked. He made a special cheese-free pizza for Asher, put it on the pizza buffet so we didn't have to pay for it, AND came and found us 1/2 an hour later to make sure Asher hadn't had a reaction.
So, we'll add PPP to our summer rotation (and seriously, don't tell my kids about tokens).


Jessica said...

I'm so glad that Peter Piper went well for you! (and that Asher liked the food)
Unfortunately, my kids already know about tokens. So, I guess we can't have a playdate at PPP anytime soon.

jaredandmatisse said...

That man deserves a raise, and so do I. Anniversary happies to the happy couple. You are quite a striking couple and Jared and I use you as a prototype. I love telling Jared all your amazing Asher and Luke blog stories. I feel so witty and original when I recount them.

Kate said...

Oh my goodness, I just keep laughing at the "don't tell my kids about the tokens" thing. It is SO funny. Sam will "play" on the racing video games at places like Peter Piper forever without putting any tokens in. And he really thinks he's racing. It's so funny.
And that's so great about the food working for Asher there. I think about how lucky I am that my kids have no allerigies ALL the time.

Patrick Clyde said...

Am I to understand that they just think they are playing the games, and you are letting them go on thinking that?

Actually, that is pretty clever. You need to tell me about it when one of them figures it out.