Monday, February 26, 2007


Inspired by family members and friends, I have been trying get our own blog up and running. I had the brilliant idea to get it together in place of a Christmas letter, then, in place of a New Year's letter, then, in place of a Valentine's Day letter. The other day, I realized I'm probably out of respectable holidays to try and substitute for Christmas. And, the one other reason I had to post this blog is coming very soon (3 weeks, 5 days for the exact due date).

In case you're interested on what happened to us in the past year, here's the text from our still incomplete Christmas 2006 card (we'll save the fancy graphics in hopes that 2007's card will actually get done):

In 2006, we experienced a lot of small miracles:
We found out Asher will have a brother in March 2007 (they could even share the same birthday)
Asher’s allergy disorder appears to be well under control and we’ve started food trials.
Nate got a job that rarely forces him to leave town
Nate completed a home improvement project in record time (his new movie theatre room)
Emily started teaching piano lessons (& her students seem to be learning!)
Emily found a way to stay with her Mormon feminist group by blogging (
We all survived our first summer back in Arizona without anyone getting heat stroke or a serious sunburn.
And…we found a house we love and plan on not moving again for a long time!

Wishing you a year of miracles in 2007!

Emily, Nathaniel, and Asher Curtis