Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Halloween Plans

We've got big plans for Halloween...we just have to talk Asher into cooperating (he's rather insistent on being a Hot Wheels car). Asher and Luke can be Jedis of their choice, Nate will be Chewbacca, and I will be Jabba the Hutt--by then, I won't even need the fan to puff out the costume!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer highlights

We did do some fun things over the summer (besides our trip to Utah), but I wasn't very good at documenting them.

Thanks to their friend, Max's birthday party, Asher and Luke learned that they love to bowl with bumpers. Luke gets lots of lessons in patience while he waits for his turns. Asher learned the benefits of "helping" Luke bowl to earn extra turns

We also went to see Toy Story 3. Asher and Luke have been waiting a LONG time for this movie. So, I let Luke bring his Woody.

Luke got so into the movie and the injustices perpetrated by Lotso that he would yell loudly and indignantly at the movie screen. I finally had to take him out for a bit to have a talk about the movie--why Lotso wasn't real and why he needed to be quiet.

First Days of School

Luke went to his first day of preschool today. As we drove over, we heard the Smashing Pumpkins' song, "Today is the Greatest." I couldn't have agreed more. Luke was happy to go and very excited to put on his new lion outfit. Maybe we'll avoid wearing a superhero cape to school for a little bit!

Of course, I picked up a Lukey-boy who had peed his pants, but you can't win them all.

Asher's first day was a couple weeks ago. Asher vetoed the first day of school outfit I got him, which matches so well with his brother's. He also didn't get the back to school haircut in time, and you'll see his dad chatting on the phone. We got home from Utah late the night before school started, so we were a bit frazzled. Perhaps it was for the best, I hear a lot of moms cry on the day their kindergarteners start school.
Maybe it's because Asher started full days of school last year, maybe it's because I was worried he'd need special ed services forever, but for me, the first day of kindergarten felt like a triumph (mostly because it meant I got through the summer with two non-napping children).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some pictures from our trip to the Grand Canyon and Utah

Our second trip to Utah this summer began with scattering Nate's dad's ashes over the Grand Canyon. The place the family picked was beautiful despite the fickle weather. But, since I still haven't finished documenting my trip to Europe in May, perhaps it's best just to put all these up without much explanation.

Emily and Baby's summer

Ok, this is an old post, but when it's 105 out, really, it still feels like we're in summer. And, the picture? That's me at 16 weeks. Oh, I was so cute and tiny, I can hardly stand it! I need to get around to taking another picture (at 33 weeks), but it's rare that I have my hair and make-up done and I'm fully dressed. So, don't hold your breath.

This baby and I have been taking it easy this summer. We don't like the heat, but we did discover that we LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Yes, I'm completely embarrassed to admit that I watched all 7 seasons this summer (can I point out that I got 3 seasons done during my Rotavirus illness?), and I'm contemplating writing Sarah Michelle Gellar a fan letter about how she helped me get through a difficult summer.

As Asher gets back into school and I am in the final countdown for Luke to return (summer camp went WAY to fast!), I'm ready to start up piano lessons and get ready for this baby to arrive. But, I don't want to redo the nursery. I think a safari theme will be just fine for this little girl.
Today, Rachel and I went shopping, and I found an outfit for the baby, but like seeing the movie, Eclipse, I get all angsty when I see the problems inherent in our culture for raising girls. Important things like why have clothing manufacturers decided that boys=dogs and girls=cats? Pul-ease! And, why do girls get all the smocking fun? Ah! I'm loving the ease of finding smocking!

We're working on names for this little one. I have one that I can't shake, but it's not practical or particularly beautiful. I just love it and can't to think to call her anything else. Nate is being a good sport about it, but I feel like I have to work a little harder before I can make an official announcement.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asher's summer

Asher has enjoyed having his cousins, Gwen, Harrison, and Max around. Add Evan to the mix and Asher has become conditioned to believing that he needs a cousin with him pretty much 24 hours a day.

He has enjoyed cousin sleep-overs with Evan, which has convinced Rachel and me that this whole parenting gig might just be worth it if we could get Luke and Cora on the bandwagon.

Nate had the well-intentioned idea that starting Asher on video games at an early age would ensure that Asher didn't get too addicted. We're starting to see that that may not be the case. In addition to having a cousin at his disposal at all times, Asher also believes it is an inherent right to play Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones at any time, no matter what Mom says.

Asher and I are learning how to get chores done. It's an art to decide when reminding Asher to do chores does more harm than good.

Scripture Study:
After Starr died, I felt like we really needed to find a way to get a little more spirituality in our home. With Nate's work schedule, he hasn't been able to join us much, but I have found a lot of peace reading with Asher from the Book of Mormon reader my mom let us borrow. And, I think Asher has learned a thing or two. Luke, well, we hope Luke comes around in a few years.

Mortality Talks:
Reading the Book of Mormon along with Grandpa Starr dying has given Asher multiple opportunities to have some mortality discussions with us. According to Asher, heaven is a place where you can do whatever you want, i.e. you can play Lego Star Wars all day and no one will tell you you have to get off.

Luke's Summer

We've had a summer of being lazy, gestating, and mourning, and I can't believe how behind I've gotten on blogging. So here's a summary of Luke's summer...

Luke plays with his light saber ALL DAY. When he's really into it, you'll hear him humming. I realized this wasn't a tune, but the "mmmm, mmmm" mimicks the light saber noises.

Luke also exhibits flare when flouncing his cape in his underwear. Speaking of underwear...

Potty Training:
We're working on potty training. Well, I'm working on potty training. Luke is working on sending his mom to the nut house. Luke has been wearing underwear all summer (we took a few weeks off after Starr died). Would you like to know how many times he has gone pee in the potty?

Come on...guess!
Not once...every day, I wash 5-6 pairs of pants and 3-4 pairs of underwear (I throw out the poopy ones).

I'm out of ideas. This is a little boy who calculates his accidents, so I have no doubt he's capable of being potty trained. I know he'll pee 10 minutes after we've spent 20 on the potty, when he gets put in time out, but never when we leave the house.

Luke Speak Translated:

"Blue Star Wars" = Star Wars: Episode 1 (We also call Toy Story 1 "Blue Toy Story" because the DVD is blue.) "Blue Star Wars" is a burned DVD, so it's not blue, but realizing that it's the first Star Wars, Luke realized it must be "Blue Star Wars"

"Hot Star Wars" = Star Wars: Episode 3 (watch the end and you'll see why)

You know, I always worried that people would think we were some huge Star Wards nuts who named our kid after Luke Skywalker, rather than from the Gospel of Luke. I had hoped to the name would carry with it an inherent sensitivity to all people, an eye for things glanced over by others--characteristics of Luke's writings.

But, apparently, the name will bestow the namee (?) with super powers, including jumping off one's mom's desk, having light saber fights with his brother ALL DAY, and yelling at those who choose to go to the Dark Side.