Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Emmeline Starr Curtis

Phew! I thought I had enough energy to write her short and sweet birth story, but apparently not.

Here's Emmeline after her bath this morning (well, #1 bath, then, she pooped, so she got another, more perfunctory #2 bath, then, while she was doing a little naked tummy time she managed to pee all over herself--at that point, she just got a baby wipe bath).
These other pictures are of the hospital visit.

We're all thrilled she's here. The boys have been really good with her (though I wish they could get the hand-washing and no coughing in their sister's face). And, though I hate to jinx myself on day #5, so far things have gone pretty darn smoothly.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gains and Losses This Week

(Can you tell I'm doing a little blog cleaning tonight?)

This week, I have lost:
-my appetite
-Luke--several times
-the ability to sleep more than 2 hours at a time
-the idea that it would be problematic to wear anything but the same pair of yoga pants day after day

This week, I have gained:
-the ability to walk like a duck
-four pounds (seriously, seriously?)

And, another thing not to say to your pregnant wife when she comes home from the doctor and tells you how much she weighs:

"Wow! I never thought you'd weight that much!"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

So, I've lost my camera, and I have a sneaky suspicion that I packed it with my Halloween decorations, which fortunately (or unfortunately), Nate hasn't packed it in the attic yet. And, I just find it too demoralizing to unpack it all to see.

I keep asking Nate to unpack the Halloween decorations, look for the camera, repack, and put everything away. Lately, I'm getting more insistent on him doing this because (as I like to point out) we'd probably like to document the birth of #3. Nate says we can just use our phones as a camera.

Luckily, other people took pictures of my kids...

Here's Luke at his preschool getting ready to trick or treat. (Though Luke begged to wear his Jedi costume ever since it arrived in the mail, he only actually wore it to preschool and quickly ditched it when he found his Woody costume from last year.)

{And, all my pictures from Trunk or Treating with our Church are on the missing camera.}

But, fortunately, Rachel took pictures of our impromptu Halloween evening with family.
Asher vetoed my Star Wars theme idea, which was fine. I've already been in full Jabba the Hutt form since the beginning of September (both in terms of size and personality).
He wanted to be a Hot Wheels car for a while but suddenly, decided to be Scooby Doo instead (which was a much easier costume to find!). So, we borrowed one from Luke's preschool teacher.
If I'd known Luke would want to be Woody so bad, we could have had a free Halloween (at least in terms of costumes).
My friend, Jessica, had the excellent suggestion of me being Mike Wazowski, using my stomach as Mike's face. If only I had thought of that about 3 months earlier, I might have had the time to get
the material and make--I mean, have my sister, Rachel, make it for me.
Hopefully, some pregnant woman can use this suggestion in the future.