Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things We're Grateful For...

This isn't a comprehensive list...In fact, if there's not a corresponding picture, it's not here (because that list would be too long and I'm lazy like that).

brotherly love (whether it's wanted or not)

baths (with or without clothes)

our dog (best dog ever because she's only our dog when we go out in the backyard and pull down the broken fence between our yard and the neighbors, so Picca can come over)

patient grandparents (because they pretty much save the day at least once a week)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Traditions

Living in Boston for the first years of our marriage, we never had the money to fly back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas (um, about half those years, we didn't have the money to fly back for either holiday). So, we developed a few traditions for our little family: Nate's Marshmallow Salad, my friend's sweet potato casserole, and I like to listen to Alice's Resturant. I'll have to get the boys in on this last tradition because Nate doesn't share my love of this song. But, it's not Thanksgiving for me until I've sung along with it.

My dad introduced me to Alice's Resturant one Thanksgiving when I was in high school. It's a great little war protest song. Well, it's not little--the shortest version is 10 minutes, the longest is 27 minutes.

It's a perfect tradition for our crazy liberal family and reminds me how grateful I am to live in this country, where we are allowed to criticize, protest, and write freely.

So, remember, you can get anything you want at Alice's Resturant. (And, Happy Thanksgiving!)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Using Mom's Tools Against Her

Asher: Mom, can we go to the choo-choo train park today?

Mom: Hmmm, maybe later.

Mom: Asher, will you please take your medicine?
Asher: Hmmm, maybe later.

Luke: qokldglkn, ldaoilkewnm ak ljkewroiu
Mom: (half-listening) Really?

Mom: Luke, look at the airplane up in the sky?
Luke: (half-listening) Really? (while running to the car)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

This weekend...

Asher's prayer:
Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for my school, my friends, my family, my toy trains, the library, the DVD store, and please help me to be a good boy. Amen.

Luke learned that drinking toilet water is a satisfying way to quench one's thirst and will elicit squeals of delight from preschoolers. (And, we wonder why he often suffers from the "Lukey pukies.")

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Scenes from a Marriage: Medication

After I had hurt my back picking up toys...

Nate: So, did my muscle relaxer help?

Emily: Really, it doesn't feel any different.

Nate: Actually, I wasn't sure if that was my muscle relaxer prescription or my high blood pressure medication.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I have taken more videos of Luke than I care to admit in an attempt to get him to do the trick Nate taught him for Halloween.

Nate: Luke, are you a lion?

For the past couple days, the conversation goes like this:
Emily: Luke, are you a lion?
Luke: Noo, alk asdklfhoi woiuqm asldoigun aslkoiznh. (an explanation continues for 1 minute)

Here's the first family portrait we've had done since last Christmas (thanks, Anna!). I'm seriously considering using it as a Christmas picture. Just think, I could get my cards out BEFORE the holidays are over.

I'm in my traditional (since college, at least) Marge Simpson costume. Nate got his from Rachel's witty comment on our blog. His brown t-shirt says "Economy," and that's a new (don't worry) toilet seat around his head.

Who knows when we'll get Asher to forget about his choo-choo train conductor costume! The kid kept the jacket, hat, and tie on all night--keep in mind, the high was 95 degrees here yesterday.