Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Have No One But Myself to Blame When: Luke's lunch

...I don't have all of Luke's lunch out on the table and ready on time.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asher's first Primary talk

Asher was supposed to give a talk on how extended members of his family help him. I found these pictures and Asher supplied the text (ok, I told him the intro and conclusion, too). Apologies to family members and friends who aren't included in the talk; we had to keep it REALLY simple to help Asher get through it.

I love my family.
This is Grandpa, Granda, and Grandma Wanda. They give me hugs.

This is Grandpa; he plays trains with me.

This is Grandma; she makes me ice cream.

This is Aunt Maren; she takes me to the beach.

This is Uncle Tom; he stayed home with me when I was a baby, and he plays Rockband with me.

This is Evan; we go to the zoo.
This is Sister Farar; I go to her house when my mom has to work and when she goes on trips.
These people are my family, and I love them!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Years Ago

A few days ago, the radio said that the temperature was 10 degrees above normal and reminded us that heat records were being set two years ago this week--it was 20 degrees above normal. I remember that time because the temperature hovered around 100 degrees for 5 days, and I was 9 months pregnant.

Those five days have made me ponder the following question: How does a woman in her third trimester live in Phoenix in the summer?

Because at 100 degrees, I learned that everything swells, and all I wanted to do was beach my whale of a body on my bed, in the dark, with the fan blasting. Oh, and I turned on my air conditioning in March (but don't tell my in-laws because they have a competition every year to see who will cave first to turning on the A/C. And, people, NO ONE CAVES UNTIL MID-JUNE!)

Anyway, during this time, Luke gave me the best present ever...he arrived 6 days before his due date, which is why he's my favorite (especially today because his brother is sick enough to be whiney, but too sick to go to school).

Happy belated birthday, Lukey! We'll celebrate with more than a popsicle when things calm down here.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Asher Lighting His Face on Fire (almost)

We celebrated Asher's birthday this week, and Grandma Judy made another one of her lovely train cakes because if it's not shaped like a train, Asher won't eat it. Even with a train shape, Asher had all of 2 bites. (I know--I wonder if we're related, too!)

We'll have to work on blowing out candles, though. Luke seems to have mastered it, but I'm worried Asher won't have eyebrows next time. For those who get (understandably) bored with watching Asher try to blow out his candles, fast forward to 1:04 for the reason for the title of the post.

And, I guess Nate forgot that when you're filming a video, you need to hold the camera the same way the whole time. Glad I'm not the only one to have made that mistake.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Week With Luke (told through pictures)

Scenes from a Marriage: Snoring

(a common conversation from 1999-2000 at night, in bed)

Nate snores--it kind of sounds like an airplane landing in the bedroom

Emily: Nate, roll over you're snoring.

Nate: Hmph (usually followed by a body movement that looks like he's thinking about rolling over, but can't quite get the momentum)
Nate continues to snore...

Emily: Nate, you're still snoring. Roll over.

Nate: HMPH (you guessed it, he still hasn't rolled over all the way)
Nate continues to snore...

Emily: NATE, roll over. You're STILL snoring!