Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

When Nate and I got engaged...

...we were still living in the 20th century (preparing for Y2K, even)
...Britney Spears was a fresh faced teenager just starting to make it big (she was planning on going to ASU. I wish I was as smart as Britney. That year, they accepted Britney and sent me a rejection letter.)
...Hugo Chavez was the newly elected president of Venezula (yeah, I'd like to say I knew that off the top of my head) and Jesse Ventura was elected govenor of Minnesota
...there's a lot of talk of that whole Monica Lewinsky thing
...I learned how to rock climb
...Nate learned how to not rock climb during finals
...we made a lot of banana cream pie together (I don't know why, but that was our date night dessert of choice)
...we enjoyed Life is Beautiful, Elizabeth, and Run, Lola, Run (but we didn't enjoy The Blair Witch Project--it made Nate a little motion sick; ok, really motion sick)
...I was starting to think, "Nate Curtis? Really? Who would have thought I was going to marry Nate Curtis?!"
Happy Valentine's Day/Engagement Day, Naters!


Rachel said...

Oh, sweet 1999. Did you know that I vomitted during Blair Witch Project? I told Dad I was going to be sick but he didn't believe me! So right there in the movie theater...nice. It's all a great trip down memory lane. I hope there will be a post about Baby soon, the sweet little Nissan Sentra.

Jessica said...

You guys are adorable. (Mark looked over my shoulder and commented, "Emily hasn't changed much.")
Am I the first person to notice that you're not even touching in that picture?
You look like you've just entered into a mutually beneficial business agreement.

And, perhaps that's not a bad definition of marriage ;)

Southern Exposure said...

What a cute couple!! I did not know you guys got engaged when Nate was 12!!

Nate said...

Yeah, looking at the before and after pictures you would think I was the one who gave birth to 16+ pounds of unholy terror.

Carrie said...

What fun memories!!!!!