Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Fun

We quite a weekend. One of the highlights was getting to have my cousin, Patrick* stay with us for a bit. It was so nice to hang out with him. Now that we're grown-ups, we rarely get to spend much time together without a busy family reunion going on, but I love Patrick--we've always had fun together (even that time we thought we might get shot in Idaho). I found this picture a few weeks ago; it's hard to believe that those cute pre-schoolers in the picture above are in their 30's.

*If you go to Patrick and his cute wife's blog, you'll see why whenever I'm sitting around eating junk food on the weekend, I think, "I bet Meghann and Patrick are climbing a mountain right now."


Kate said...

That pictures is SO cute. I don't know if I ever met Patrick, but I certainly remember hearing a lot about him. How fun that you got to visit.

jaredandmatisse said...

I have always loved that picture! It is epic. What a great start to a bunch a Clyde kids!

Patrick Clyde said...

So the reason I am smiling so big in that picture is because I was getting attention from my cousin Emily, who I thought was pretty close to the coolest girl around!

It was great to spend a weekend with Emily, Nate, Asher and Luke. The kids were remembering my name by the end! Rachel and Corey caught up to visit us as well. And I discuvered that we are all closet Rock Stars!