Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pandamonium: Life with Luke

Lukey-boy is well into the terrible two's. We've got tantrums happening everywhere, day or night, and he's still a month shy of turning two. We're SO proud.

Here's some of his work lately:

Luke's primary sentence structure is "I wannn...I wannn." Then, he has to pause to think about what he wants. Chances are he wants a "wee waa" (or a DVD--it took us 3 days to figure that one out), a "nanny" (pacifier), or "heese one" ("this one"--which is Luke's default term for anything he doesn't know the name of, i.e. anything that's not a nanny, DVD, or Asher).

So, I wannn Luke to slow down with his climbing. Luke climbs up to the medicine cabinet, on top of our dresser (and change the DVD's--really, it's embarrassing how proficient my children are with DVD's: where to get them, where to put them, how to change them out when their show is over), on top of the barstools, on top of the stove, and on top of any surface of the gym child care.

But, the child care workers at the gym are so nice and say things like, "Here comes Luke, he's a 2 babysitter kid." or "Emily, Luke was kind of, um, mischievous today," when really they should say, "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! LUKE IS WALKING DOWN THE HALL!"

I tell you, it's pandamonium around here (as I hear Luke pushing a chair to the counter to get himself his 3rd fruit snack package of the morning).


Carrie said...

Love that ... he's a 2 babysitter kid. I think I might have given birth to one of those as well!

Adrianne said...

Kate was and Meg is a climber! It can be a total nightmare when you find them on the counter next to the knives! It does get better though. And hey maybe one day he will be a famous rock climber!

Adriana said...

They must not be as experienced as me :) j/k
Luke is a handful that's for sure-
Did I ever tell you that I thought he was climbing on walls, vertically) until I realized that he was on the little table that I couldn't see :)
I just saw the post about me and I left you and nate comment :)
Again, you're too kind! We loved having them!