Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Mom is Hard to Find*

Last fall was one of the most productive times in my post-children life. I had lots of piano students who I could focus completely on, my online students got insightful and I'm sure, life-changing feedback on their papers...I even had time to write some non-family blog posts.

I could do this because after 2 years of searching, I found someone to watch my kids. It's hard for me to find someone to watch my kids because my standards are really high--namely, they have to be better at mothering my kids than I am. (While I think there are plenty of rockstar moms out there who have this mothering thing down waaay better than I do, I figure that my love for my kids probably makes me pretty top notch at mothering them, which is witnessed by the fact that my children rarely both sleep through the night and I haven't killed either one yet. I know, I know, I rock.)

I've only found 3 women who meet my criteria (2 live in Boston and are both named, "Ruby"). Fortunately, Adriana is just down the street with 2 boys my kids' ages. Yes, Adriana watched 4 boys under the age of 3 for 10 hours a week. No one was ever bleeding or bruised when I picked them up, and my kids rarely wanted to come home, even though they were ready for dinner. In fact, since Christmas, I have to deal with whiney kids who beg to go to Sister F's house at least twice a week. When we see Adriana and her boys now, I see that she didn't just watch my kids, she loved them and mothered them.

Someone give that woman a million dollars.

*Mom, are you so proud of my literary allusion?


Nate said...

She is so nice, yet her husband is such a bruiser on the basketball court. I guess opposites do attract.

Carrie said...

Can I borrow her sometime? Anyone who can watch 4 boys for more than 10 minutes without screaming ... is a SAINT!

Mary said...

I am proud of everything about you, Emily!

Adriana said...

You are much too nice! But I sure do miss watching all the boys interact! Asher and Luke always made me laugh!

Adriana said...

I am always checking with Damond to make sure that nobody hates him due to basketball! I am sure you guys will all be glad to see "the horse" leave :)