Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Power of "Fun Things"

So, one day, I was disciplining Asher, and Nate overheard me say, "Asher, if you don't do X, then, we can't do fun things."

Nate totally made fun of me until he saw Asher's reaction.
"But, Mom, I want to do fun things!" And, Asher quickly did what I asked him to do.

It's perfect because it's ambiguous enough to get me out of a commitment like the choo choo train park, and yet, for Asher, it's full of endless possibilities--could "fun things" be a trip to MacDonalds, the "O" store (AKA Target), the library?

So, I think for Asher's birthday, we may have to get him this shirt from Uncle Tom would be proud.


Kate said...

The fun things really are endless. I love that. The t-shirt is super cute too.

Rachel said...

Just wait until you say that and he wants to know what "fun things" you're talking about. That was a sad day at our house!

Heather said...

I hope you include "fries with more goodness" on them as part of your "fun things" repetoire!