Monday, February 2, 2009

I Have No One to Blame But Myself When...:Zoo Trip

Asher drops my driver's license off the bridge and into the duck pond at the zoo.

And, I watch it sink to the bottom thereby loosing Luke.

I look up and realize Luke is gone, but I don't know if which direction he went on the bridge.

Did he go to see the lions? (Lukey loves him some lions.)

Or, did he run to the parking lot to go get himself kidnapped? (I'd like to think the kidnappers would realize they were in waaay over their heads and drop him off around the Desert Botannical Gardens.)

So, I run back and forth on that bridge, panicking, with Asher sniffling behind me, "I yost my cahd. I yost my cahd." (I lost my card.)

Fortunately, Luke was with the park rangers the whole time, and he never noticed that I wasn't around.

He was so comfortable, in fact, that I smell a stinky diaper about 30 seconds before I see that little boy running around and around the penny smashing machine.


Jessica said...

Oh, Emily.
Tell me next time you go to the zoo. We'll go with you! Then we can watch our kids run away together.
At least we'd have a shoulder to cry on.
Many sympathies to you today.

Adriana said...

ughh! That's awful... I hate that feeling you get when you can't find them! I am sorry it was so bad!

laurie said...

i love your story telling! sounds like a great day at the zoo! ;) adventures!