Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Who needs Mr. Darcy?

I got to go to Boston last weekend for an Exponent II retreat and to see some friends. It was so much fun! I hate to brag, but really, I have lovely and amazing friends (um, some of you clearly need to get blogs--how else will people know a. you exist and b. more importantly, that you're one of my lovely and amazing friends?). I got to see many (but sadly, not all--note to self: rent a car next time) in Boston, and then, I had several holding down the fort for me in Phoenix. Seriously, so blessed!

Nate wasn't too excited about me going, but he was nice when the time came and did a great job keeping the boys alive. That goose egg on Luke's head? Um, that happened the morning I got back from the retreat and watched him tumble out of the grocery cart head first.

Also, I got to read an entire novel this weekend (love airplane travel w/o kids) and thoroughly enjoyed it because it has a heroine and hero I sincerely admire. I've often suspected that I'm the only Mormon woman who isn't a fan of Pride and Prejudice and who doesn't wish Mr. Darcy would come and marry me. But, I am a fan of Captain Jack Elliot, and well, Nate is my Jack Elliot.
Oh, the picture? That's the house across the street from us in our old house. It's the only picture I took this weekend that makes me happy that I live in Phoenix now. (Incidentally, there are lots of reasons I'm happy to live in Phoenix now, but it's hard to take pictures of the snow, the lack of drive-thrus, and the cost of living in Boston or conversely, an Arizona sunset and all the family that surrounds us.) I figure I'll spare us all the pictures of the drug dealer's home (he lived under the stairs of the house next door and the prostitute's house who lived down the street.


Jessica said...

I'm so glad you had a good time in Boston! Despite being a little (read INCREDIBLY) jealous that you got to go, I am also so happy that you had a good time and that you like it here in AZ. We wouldn't want you thinking about moving, now would we?
Great pic, though. At first glance, I thought you said it was the prostitute's house that was right across the street. Geez!

Rachel said...

Boy! Does that house across the street bring back memories! I'm so happy we converted you to Phx and away from the beauty that was your "fixer-uper."
By the way I'm happy you finally got to read the book!

Carrie said...

Yeah ... I just watched Eli fall from the couch and saw his head bounce off the tile floor. Parent of the Year!!

Hmm ... you could move into our neighborhood if you're missing the drug deals and prostitutes? 2 drug houses and a prostitution ring busted a couple of months ago. So much for my idea of living in Mayberry!!!

Carrie said...

Oh ... and Eli's middle name is Bennett ... as in the Bennett family from P and P. I do love it! All 6 hours of it!!!

Adriana said...

I'm glad you moved here :)

How come you don't like Darcy? and what is the name of the book you got to read?

SLP said...

Thanks for the shout out girl..the best part of the retreat was seeing you and your fab gym-toned body :)
Missing you alread!

EmilyCC said...

Adriana, I don't mind Darcy or P&P, just don't love him or the book like some do :). Oh, and the book is These is My Words.

Adrianne said...

But, Boston in the fall, with the Red Sox winning, can almost make you forget about the snow, the cold, no fast food, and the hour drive to church, and the sketchy neighbors. Glad you lived in Bean town at least for a while!

Emma said...

N and I loved getting together with you for breakfast. I thought it was ironic that we ended up having burritos in Boston... Snow and all, we miss you here, it was great to see you!