Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conversations with the Boys

Asher "making dinner" in the bathtub

Mom: Asher, are you making some dinner?
Asher: yeah!
Mom: What are you making?
Asher: Water!
Mom: Oh, water sounds good. Could you make me some noodles, too?
Asher: No, Mom. Just water.

4:45 am, Luke has been crying in his bed…

Luke: Mom?
Luke: Show?
Luke: OK!


Carrie said...

Joshua drinks his bath water. He even comments - as he's drinking it - "Ohh ... this is gross." Perhaps I could just get him to talk about a bath time meal instead?

Adriana said...

They are hilarious! They make me laugh, too :D

I started to read These Is My Words... and I LOVE IT!!!!
I would have to agree now that Mr. Darcy pales in comparison to Captain Jack Elliot. but I always said that I would never marry a man with soft hands :) (and I didn't! )

Mary said...

Is Asher suggesting a diet? That is so unkind and, in the case of his mother, totally unnecessary. Me? Well, I could benefit from such a diet.