Sunday, September 21, 2008

Why I Love Arizona (even when it's 110+ degrees)

Ok, so I've totally stopped doing this series because frankly, I haven't loved Arizona for about a month and a half. I'm tired of sweating all. the. time. I'm tired of hearing the air conditioner chugging away all day to keep it below 80 degrees. (Sometimes it succeeds)

Like the Bostonian in March (or April--yikes!) who can't imagine a time when they won't need their scarves tied around their head, a Phoenician in September can't imagine a time when they will ever want any sort of bed covering over them at night.

But, my sister, Rachel has inspired me with her post about Carolina's, a family favorite. It's in downtown Phoenix, Mojave and 12th Street, in a pretty rough neighborhood. Their tortillas are SO good and huge! But, I'm with Rachel, the bean and potato burrito is to die for!


Jessica said...

Oh, Emily!
Waa, waa, waa.
You're such a baby.
It's totally cooling off now!
This morning, it was cooler outside than inside (76 inside).
This summer has been much milder than most.
So, there. ;P

But, I would love to try Carolina's. We'll have to do a double date there.

H-town Gills said...

My name is Becky Gill and I am the wife of Mike Gill. Nate and Mike grew up in Henderson together and I found your family's blog through Stephanie Morris. Please feel free to check out our blog. My husband thinks its silly that I blog so I was very excited when I found one of his old friends!

Nate said...

Thanks for posting becky. I wrote a big long thing over on your blog, then I started following links to all the other blogs of people from my childhood who are mutual friends. Good times.

Tell Stephanie and her family that we say hello. We got to know them again in Boston, what a great family.

PS. your oldest looks exactly like Mike did at that age.

Nate said...

You name the time Jessica and we will be there. I love Carolina's, but not the potatos.

Emily is a sissy about the weather.

Rock band...When?

We have RB2, and it is good.

Tim and Jennifer said...

I'm jealous of the food. I'm suffering with the same weather.