Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aunt Brooke's Blankets

So, my aunt went and started her own business a bit ago with her own logo and website. How cool is my entrepreneurial aunt?!

We family members have been reaping the rewards by getting these super cute blankets that are so soft. I've given a couple as gifts, and I bought one for Luke (because we, ahem, want to support Aunt Brooke's business--at least, that's how I justified it) that I love so much.

Well, I've decided its now my blanket, even though Asher tried to steal it today. Geeze! Like he doesn't have his own blanket!

With the cute wrapping and gift tag, these blankets are such perfect baby gifts. I can't wait to have more friends have babies!


Rachel said...

Amen. Cora & Evan both love their blankets and I've been known to steal Evan's as well:)

Carrie said...

What a cute blanket! Yep ... if the boys had one like that ... I'd be stealing it too :)

Hillery Ray said...

How cool are those blankets?! I got to get me one of those.