Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scenes from a Marriage: Smartypants

This week...
Anna: Last night, Nathan and I watched an episode of this series we checked out at the library.

Emily: Oh, Nate and I do that, too! What are you guys watching?

Anna: It's a historical drama about the Napoleonic wars.

Emily: Whoa! I bet you're learning a lot.

Anna: (downplaying because she's nice like that) Oh, no, it's really more a drama than something that's historically-accurate. What are you watching?

Emily: Um, a sci-fi cowboy series.


Jessica said...

Mark and I did that, too!
I thought we were such nerds. I think we watched all 7 seasons of
The West Wing.
Sheesh. How embarrassing. But we loved it the whole time.
(I heart Josh Lyman)

Anna said...

I'm honored to be mentioned on your blog! If anyone is interested the first episode of the series is called "Sharpe's Rifles." We checked it out from the Phoenix Public Library and we're on "episode" #12. Sean Bean is the protagonist (very easy on the eyes - Nathan agrees - he's man enough to acknowledge when another man is goog looking). It's not an intense intelectual experience. Sharpe is the James Bond of the Napoleonic wars. We highly recommend it.
Thanks again for the mention!

Nate said...

Firefly > Napoleon.