Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christian the Lion

My mom kept telling me I had to check out the Christian the Lion YouTube video. So, Asher and I watched it, and I cried the whole time (even with the music turned off).

Makes me think twice about just how much animals think and feel.


Kate said...

Oh my goodness. I bawled. It made me snuggle with my dog for an hour (something that never happens). I read all about the whole story.... and I couldn't believe that video was real. I'd love to watch the whole movie based on the Christian story.

Jessica said...

That is beautiful.
It makes me want to be a vegetarian.
(not because I'm eating lions, but you know).
thanks for sharing!

Adriana said...

wonderful and beautiful!

Nate said...

I was always really skeptical about this video for the following reasons:
1. when they go visit the lion they are not in the lion's normal habitat (grassland) but in a rocky hill area.
2. The lion only has one mate (lions are polygamist).
3. The third guy in the video who didn't know the lion from its youth.

There were problems with the video.

Turns out that when they go visit the lion, the lion had only been living away from a protected and confined refuge for 9 months. Prior to that 9 month period the lion had daily contact with people for its entire life. The refuge was located away from the grassland to protect the domesticated lions from wild lions.

The single mate was a bit of an arranged marriage.

The shirtless guy in the video is the wildlife refuge warden and was killed about a year later by bandits.

This video is the last anyone ever saw of the lion, or his pride. After this visit the lion couple went off into the wide open and never returned.

Even Snopes investigated and found it to be authentic:

Nate said...

But really? Whitney Houston?


I think it would be great if someone took time to CGI that video so that the two guys get mauled to death and eaten by their "pet" lion.

EmilyCC said...

Nate, quit messing up the touching movie bit with your fancy talk.

Jessica said...

I appreciate a little humor along with the touching movie.
I am glad that it wasn't' completely contrived.
Don't you think the Whitney Houston goes well with the clothing of the era? It's a nice touch, in my mind.

Mike and Bianca said...

Oh my gosh! That was so awesome!