Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth

Asher asks to go to the library every morning because they have an extensive Thomas the Train DVD collection. I'm not sure he even knows that there are books there.

Asher has a close relationship with Jesus. He's always pointing out Jesus at Church and at the mall, the park, the dry cleaners because everyone with a beard is Jesus.

Luke is so verbal, talks all the time. He says things like, "Go away, NO, no, NOOOOO, No, yuck, go, NO." And, he's taken to hitting inanimate objects and yelling, "No" to them. Is this Unabomber behavior?

Luke loves to go to Grammy's house. When he realizes we're going to Grammy's, he starts his chant, "Wee-O, Wee-O, Wee-O" (which is actually, "Julio, Julio, Julio"). Then, he pushes people out of the way to get to his best friend, Julio, my mom's dog.

Asher, Luke, and I wake up at 5:30 am, ready to go. And then, I get them a bowl of Cheerios, their sippy cups and blankets on my bed so they can watch TV, and I can go back to sleep for another hour. Ok, maybe two hours.

And, this cute summertime picture? They're naked, and we have an apartment complex that looks right into our backyard.


Rachel said...

Asher has a close relationship with Jesus and Evan has one with Heavenly Father. For example...
I say, "You have to go to bed"
Ev will say, "Heavenly Father says I do not have to go to bed!"

Kate said...

You are hilarious. I love this post. Those boys are so cute.
Looks like Luke has a big bump on his forehead though. I was just thinking the other day about how my boys are finally out of that bruised forehead stage. It seems like from age 1-3 they were ALWAYS bruised. And Paige actually just got her first goose egg. No fun.

Nuestra Familia said...

You always make me laugh, I love your boys! Why wear clothes if they are going to get all dirty with melting popsicles. I want to see a picture of Luke with Julio.

Jessica said...

Way to go with the reality of mommy life.
I don't think my kids remember that the library has books, either.
They do know that it has tiny potties.
I guess that's pretty good, eh?

sara said...

What a great list! So funny. :)