Monday, August 25, 2008

For the love of Craigslist

If anyone has not yet discovered the best-of-craigslist section it is usually very funny, and often grossly inappropriate. Read at your own risk.

It is one of my lifelong goals to get a CL posts on said Best-of-CL. Here is my latest partial attempt.


Jessica said...

I can't believe that those machines cost so much money!
But, I'll totally take the kid.
He's pretty dang cute!

Emma said...

I'll take the kid!

Kate said...

If I were a Craigslist judge, I'd vote for your ad for "best of." :) I had never seen that before. Some funny stuff. But I was a little too scared to look at a lot of them.

Michael said...

I'm forwading your dream to craig-note the "c" in craigslist is never capitalized-and jim.