Tuesday, February 1, 2011


A few weeks before Emma was due, Asher and Luke won 3 goldfish (Thomas, James, and Gordon) at a birthday party. We kept them in their cups, thinking they'd die.

But, they didn't, so about 3 days later, Nate got the fish a pretty swanky tank, some plastic plants, and neon colored rocks. The boys were thrilled. Well, they were a little sad when James died--Nate forgot to check the temperature before he dropped the first fish in the new tank. We still feel bad about that.

This past weekend, we realized the tank was getting a little scuzzy. That's when we learned that we were supposed to clean the filter every 2 weeks (remember Emma is 2 months old now). So, Nate cleaned out the tank, bought some real plants and let the boys pick a feature for the tank. They chose the volcano over the castle, so now, I can't resist saying "Shark bait, who-ha-ha," every time I walk past it.

I think they're decent pets. They don't make a mess or get into my stuff. In fact, if they just took care of the mice, I wouldn't see a need to ever get a pet with fur.


Kate said...

I can't stop laughing over "shark bait, who-ha-ha." I'd do the same thing. That volcano is pretty awesome!

Stella said...

Your boys are adorable!

judyc347 said...

haha- shark bait! My older son watched Nemo religeously for about 6 months and I love every minute! Great movie. anyhoo, I learned from my cousin that goldfish most commonly die from lack of oxygen. so as long as they have a regular supply of O2, they'll be ok- meaning, if you add more water, and keep things fresh (ish), they'll be good :) .. i learned this after killing my son's 3rd bday presents :/ womp womp. lol

sara said...

Fish are great; we had a 20-gal tank with all sorts of fishies in there for about 3 years before we got our dog.

All of your kids are super cute :)