Friday, February 11, 2011

A response to the "Love Poem" (really? that is your definition of romantic)

Alas, complain and whine is all I hear while the mice continue to instill their fear;

You read the books, blogs, and sites, you know now that in this plight,

there is nothing more that can be done, until the mice have had their fun.

I do catch them one, two, three. I do smash them with no glee.

But for all your feminist pomp, you won't man-up and give those mice a stomp.

So please kill them, in my lieu, with a trap, or poison, or a hammer will do.

I still snare more, four, five, six, soon there will be no mice to scare.

When that day comes, patch holes I will, attics, vents, it will be a thrill

But until then, please give it a rest, I am doing all anyone can to rid your life of these pests.


Rachel said...

With the exception of an investment
in an exterminator or two
That would add to your wife's contentment and perhaps aid in getting rid of all that poo

Mary said...


Nate said...

for the record.
An exerminator did inspect the home, and said we are doing everything right, and that he wouldn't do anything differently except for a few minor changes.

He recommended that we hire a contractor to patch holes once we have gone two weeks with no signs of mice.

That is also in the works. So as much as I love all my in-laws ganging up on me over this.


EmilyCC said...

I'm not sure how feminist theory
Pertains to killing mice with glee

Ok, so no exterminator. I agree that's fine.
A contractor, then, is where I'd like to draw the line

Heather Parry said...

Our Seattle house had a little rat problem. Nothing that $120 quarterly and a jolly exterminator couldn't fix. Having a man joyfully go into the depths of the crawl space without me having to nag him to do it was well worth the money. And as a bonus he got rid of all our other minor pest problems too. Love that guy.