Sunday, March 21, 2010

Luke to the rescue!

Today, I was running from Nate and Asher, who thought it was really fun to pin me down and tickle me.

I shouted, "Luke, Luke, come and help me!"

Luke came running, "Mommy, I'm coming! What is it? Monsters, lions?"


Rachel said...

Poor Lukey and the lions BUT how much does he love you that he was willing to face his fears to rescue you!

Stella said...

They are real!

Rachel said...

I second Aunt Rachel; up against the most fearsome opponents he could imagine, Luke did not pause in his heroics! (Oh, and this is your mom. Apparently, Rachel signed in on my account, and I'm helpless to sign her off. LUKEY, HELP ME!)

Carrie said...

Love it when boys look out for their moms ... and save them from such crazy things!!