Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lukey-boy

Pros of having your kids' birthdays nine days apart:
1) sometimes, you can combine a park date birthday party for them (like we did last year)
2) you get all the birthdaying done in one month
3) you're sure the kids are getting the same amount of stuff because you're buying it all at the same time

1) you have to do all the birthdaying done in one month
2) you have to do two parties when you realize the kids are getting confused and fight over who's birthday it REALLY is
3) you know exactly how much each kid gets and realize that #2's $10 of sand toys doesn't equal #1's 2 video games--though the enjoyment they'll get is the same.
4) the second birthday celebratee has a slightly more burned-out mom planning his events (so, she plans on doing a petting zoo birthday party, really, she does. After all, we did a big train party for #1 when he turned 3. But, Mom can't get it together and decides to have a "party" during our normally scheduled playgroup instead.)

For Luke's family party, we had grilled pizza, yellow train cakes with chocolate frosting, and lots of fun as Luke couldn't believe his good luck--a train cake, sand toys, small trucks, a dog shirt, and jungle animals? He was especially tickled to learn that we were singing Happy Birthday to him instead of to Asher.

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Rachel said...

Don't worry about not having pics from the family party... I have them and I'll send them to you later.