Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Have No One But Myself to Blame: Asher's Lunch

Mom: Asher, did you eat your chicken in your lunch today?
Asher: No.
Mom: How about your broccoli?
Asher: No.
Mom: Your rice?
Asher: No.
Mom: So, Asher, you ate pears, marshmallows and juice for lunch today.
Asher: No, Mom, I ate marshmallows and juice for lunch today.


Leslie said...

This sounds like my Lyda. I sure wish I could supervise lunch sometimes. The juice box and cookie are the first to go and if there is time for the rest, maybe she'll eat it.

alligood said...

At least he's honest. :)

Carrie said...

Did you find the missing pears??

jaredandmatisse said...

That sounds a little like my lunch today...guess it runs in the family.