Monday, March 29, 2010

The Love of Broadway Musicals Continues...

Asher has found a new favorite song on my iPod. I like to think he likes it because of its peppy tune and witty lyrics, but I worry that he may like it because Annie and Frank have a relationship like Asher's mom and dad--except Asher's mom and dad don't sing nearly as well.

Our last Broadway family favorite:


Rachel said...

I played this for Evan today and he was lovin' it!

Stella said...

My first two REALLY big crushes in my life were on Gene Kelley and Howard Keel. I am NOT kidding. Oh yeah, and I wanted to be Doris Day :)

(profile pic finally explained!)

SLP said...

Sunday night at the Petreys:
Taylor: Stacey, you should do XYZ
Stacey: nope, I will not
T: why?
S: because you told me to do it

Who's going to write a song about that?
BTW,next to I AM WOMAN, ANYTHING YOU CAN DO,I CAN DO BETTER is my favorite song :)