Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Asher-boy!

Here are Asher and Luke blowing out candles on Asher's birthday pie. My face says, "Please don't spit on that lovely pie!"

So, for Asher's birthday, I said he could go to a movie or Build-a-Bear or the zoo with a friend. He never really picked, and I never really followed up--lucky me. I suppose that won't be happening much longer.

Instead, we had the usual family party. Asher got some Crocs, a book (not a hit), XBox and Leapster games, and a few other "awesome" (to quote Asher) gifts.

I asked Asher what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday and he said that he wanted sugar cookies instead of cake. Hooray! I was happy to oblige, made some Asher-safe sugar cookies, and then, bought the family a Pie Snob lemon meringue.

I picked it up with Asher in the car, and he said, "Mom, what's that?!"

Foolishly, I said, "It's a pie for your party."

"What flavor?"

"Lemon," I said (no clue what I was doing).

"Lemon!? Yum, yum, yum!"

That's when I had to break the bad news that he couldn't eat the lemon pie I bought for his birthday. I'm guessing egg would be like the major ingredient of a lemon meringue pie. Unless Asher wanted a trip to the ER for his birthday, he wasn't getting anywhere near that pie, except to blow out the candles.

Still, like the zoo, Build-a-Bear, and the movie, he forgot all about the pie and was quite content with his sugar cookies.

And, now, anyone he sees, he has to stop them and say, "Hi. I'm five."--whether he knows them or not.

Happy Birthday, Asher-boy!

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