Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who Thought "Cheese" Could Be So Unflattering?

These are pictures from our trip to Utah over Memorial Day. I always have good intentions to research some cool Mormon feminist topic at the BYU library and (more importantly) see friends who live in Utah. Clearly, I need to plan better because I didn't get to do either. And, I lost pictures from the whole reason we went up to Utah--Scandanavian Days in Ephraim, Utah. I love Scandanavian Days ever since Nate's family first introduced me to them 10 years ago (when Nate and I found out 2 weeks before we were married that we were mostly likely distantly related because many Danes from Ephraim, Utah aren't related?). I love the parade. I love the Swedish meatballs, and I love being at Nate's grandma's house, the Sorensen polygamous homestead.

This year, Asher got to play with lots of cousins and Luke didn't drown in the creek out back. And, my brother, Dave, and my mom were able to come see how fun this Memorial Day tradition is.

This is Luke when he smiles for the camera and says, "Cheese."

This is what Asher looks like when he does the same.

(Why, yes! We are the greatest parents in the whole wide world because we helped Asher fulfill his lifelong dream of going to "A Day With Thomas the Train"--those Thomas the Train marketers are something else. Most of the Thomas the Train DVD's have an ad for this event where everyone pays lots of money for a 25 minute train ride in a Thomas the Train that isn't actually a real train. Oh, and you can't sit on Annie and Clarabel; they're just for decoration.)

(And, while we are great parents, we can't take all the credit because it was Aunt Jessica who let us know about the exciting opportunity in Heber over Memorial Day weekend. Thanks for helping us get that off our checklist, Aunt Jessica!)

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