Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Talk

Some people wanted to see my Mother's Day talk (ok, my mom and her friend, Aunt Alice) that someone (Nate in bishopric meeting) volunteered me to give. I had hoped to get it done before Mother's Day and up on my other blog, but since I was still revising it--oh, on the stand before I stood to give it, that didn't happen.

Hopefully, if you have to give a Mother's Day talk in the future, you'll find something here that is useful.


Kate said...

What a beautiful talk! Really really great job. I enjoyed reading it immensely.

EmilyCC said...

Thanks, Kate! That means a lot--it was a LONG talk to read :)

Jessica said...

I commented at Exponent, but I really loved that talk. That is exactly what I need to hear on Mother's Day.

Alice said...

Bravo! Thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful talk. I join you in honoring your mother and mother in law. love, Aunt Alice

SLP said...

Loved It! You tackled tough subjects well!

I always enjoy reading your talks - thank you for taking the time to post it!

I have used your 1 Corinthians 12 talk several times in the singles ward we are serving in.

Thank you for providing brilliant insight!