Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Okay, Obama. ASU Wouldn't Give Me a Degree Either.

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For those of you who don't know the story (because I'll tell it whenever I get a chance--it beautifully illustrates the arbitrariness (is that a word?) of the college/grad-school admissions process), I had a long list of grad schools I was planning on applying to when I got engaged. That engagement shortened my list. Nate had a year at ASU, so my choices were ASU and Harvard, which would let me defer enrollment for a year.

I applied to both and was accepted to Harvard. Two weeks later, I got my rejection letter from ASU. I wasn't that sad--it makes a great story, and I'm forever grateful that the rejection letter came AFTER the acceptance letter.

After a few years, I'm glad that I didn't get accepted to ASU because I was so scared of Harvard that I might have backed out if I had the option. We had to move 3000 miles away to a city with no jobs, very little money, all to pursue my dream. And, yes, my husband rocks for doing all that--especially if you knew about the job he worked while I went to school.

So, Obama, take heart. We may not be worthy of Arizona State University, but Nate says that really, Harvard is like the ASU of the East (and it seems the Daily Show agrees).

*Thanks, Dave for the Daily Show link!


Alisa said...

This story about you, like the one on Obama, is crazy. Seriously. What is ASU thinking?

Loved the link. Obviously, those students have never been to a university commencement ceremony and seen that honorary degrees are dropped like candy. And the former Canadian PM's interview was so unintentionally funny.

Jessica said...

Great post. I obviously haven't been following the news lately. I didn't even know that happened to Obama.

And I can't believe that happened to you. I guess it worked out just right.

That clip was so funny. You'd think the Obama people would have made sure he would get an honorary degree before accepting the invitation to speak.


D'Arcy said...


What did you study? I love Harvard campus!!

alligood said...

I LOVE the little ironies of life! That is such an awesome story. We have some of our own great ironies (including our current one where, when Warren's Boston law firm dissolved, he was rejected by everyone - including all these piddly Utah firms, and finally got a job with one of the top five firms in the country...... go figure!)

Nuestra Familia said...

Funny linked. Harvard sure sounds way better than ASU, way to go Emily! so what was Nate's job while you were in school?

Nate said...

Emily got her masters in theology at Harvard. She specialized in the old testament.

I worked for a commercial bank while she was in school. The manifestation of my job was that the prices you see at the end of each day for mutual funds. I was the guy who handled all the transactions and wired all the money and calculated the per share value for a family of mutual funds. Then I had to fax (yes, fax) the prices to all of the major outlets so they could print them in the WSJ and such.

When I started my job it took me 8 hours a day to complete all of the tasks that need to be done in order to strike the prices. After 6 months I realized that I could write programs and macros that would pretty much do my job for me.

After 8 months on the job it took me all of 30 minutes a day to do what my company thought should take 8 hours.

That left me with 7.5 hours a day of nothing to do. I tried to take on more responsibility, but it was a big corporation so that was a political dead-end. I took some finance classes, cut myself with shards of glass, became addicted to cold medicine, and eventually contemplated suicide just to end the boredom.

Whoever said only boring people get bored never worked in corporate America.