Friday, January 2, 2009

Scenes from a Marriage: Buche de Noel

For Christmas, Nate got me a cooking class at a local kitchen store so I could learn how to make a Buche de Noel (a French yule log with sponge cake, Grand Marnier chocolate mouse, chocolate buttercream frosting, and merengiue mushrooms--the class was two hours long and the only thing we made was the sponge cake. Everything else had to be done beforehand or else we would have been there for 6 hours.)

Emily: Nate, did you see the Buche de Noel I made?

Nate: No, I didn't see it yet.

Emily: (opens the box in the fridge and immediately begins hitting Nate) WHY DID YOU TAKE A BITE OUT OF IT?! IT'S FOR CHRISTMAS EVE TOMORROW!

Nate: I didn't take a bite out of it!

Emily: Oh...I guess it got damaged on the drive home.


Nate: Ok, I did take a bite, but it was just because I thought you didn't make it right because it looks so funny. And, then, I figured at least I could tell you it tasted good.

Emily: Um...that's exactly how it's supposed to look. And, this conversation is too good not to put on the blog.
In Nate's defense, I have posted the pictures. It's supposed to look like a fallen log in a French forest--see the powdered sugar snow and the dark chocolate bark?. And, yet, some family members have commented that it looks like a log they could the bathroom.


Brooke Peterson said...

YUM!!! Happy New Year to the Curtis family. xo Aunt Brooke

Carrie said...

It looks yummy ... you can't really blame him for snagging an early bite :) Ben once told me that things in the fridge need signs. Like ... what he's allowed to eat and when :)

sara said...

I could totally tell that that's supposed to look like bark. What a lot of work!

Oh and that Christmas card picture of your boys is so cute.

Kate said...

I think it looks great! We saw the Bruces on Christmas Eve at Macayo's, and they said you had been to a cooking class. So fun!
I was just reading Rachel's blog. You guys have so many wonderful Christmas traditions and activities.

hp said...

If there's someone in your family who has a colon that is man enough to make a log that big, I salute him (or her).

I am impressed by the amount of work that went into your yule log. I'm sure it was delicious as well as interesting-looking.

Adrianne said...

thanks for the laughs!! it looks yummy!