Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Indoctrinating kids...

I try to keep our family blog non-political because I:

1. live in a "purple" household.

2. know that a rabid liberal spouting her rhetoric can be just as irritating as a rabid conservative's.

3. try to be sensitive to the fact that many (most?) of my readers are Republican--just as they are sensitive to the fact that I am not.

4. and often, after reading, listening and thinking about my choices, my decision comes down to, um, my gut instinct. (Nate, look, I've done the research, but this is just how I feel about _blank_.)

But, having been through a historic day, I did want to express how wonderful this day has been. What a thrill to watch President Obama take the oath of office! It speaks volumes as to the advances this country has made in overcoming racism.

So, I also must confess to a little indoctrination. I totally made Luke watch the inauguration today--we had our own little party complete with a sippy cup of soy milk. He recovered nicely after the initial meltdown that the PBS Kids programming was taken off the air to cover the event.

And, I think this clip might just make my little train conductor a lifelong Democrat:

Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope you found joy and hope in today's ceremonies.


Rachel said...

Oh, I wish I had taken a picture of us watching it... wait Evan was watching Hercules on the IPod and Cora was sleeping. At least you got to indoctrinate Lukie!

Rachel said...

I made Noelle watch with me and tried to get her excited about all the flags and people and music. I'm not sure if she cared, but at least I got to watch.

Adriana said...

I make my kids watch it, too. (sort of) they didn't really think it was that interesting :D
but I don't really see it as indoctrination... history and civics are really important! I was hoping that it just becomes habit... taking part in our country :D
Thanks for the video... I really liked it and I hope there is a brighter future ahead of us :D

Wadas Family said...

It's never too early to teach your kids the importance of history, and that your ideas are always better than everyone else's. Ha!
Elle sure watched it!

Jessica said...

Great post.
I was, um, at the gym.
So, even though I'm totally a political freak, I didn't indoctrinate my kids. Shame on me.
But, Mark and I watched it together at night on the computer.
I was amazed at the mistakes during the actual oath.
Don't they take the time to actually practice?
But, his speech was AWESOME and I'm glad that we have a new president.
Euphoria was how they described it on NPR today. They also focused a lot on the "put away childish things" call to the nation. I'm not sure I understand what that means . . .
(whew! what a comment)

jaredandmatisse said...

Purple House! What a great term. I might need to use that one, but I will give you credit. The one goal of my marriage is for Jared to say one day:
"I...Just ...Don't...Know...
what...I was thinking."
(of his own free will and choice).

jaredandmatisse said...

Jared does love Obama, though! How could you not? His daughter are adorable, too!

Southern Exposure said...

Emily your boys are getting way too big!! It has been two years we are suppose to be back hanging out with you!! I knew I could never trust Rob!!

laurie said...

i don't think having your children watch historical moments indoctrination! taking my kids to church is more indoctrinating than that! :)

i think it's good for the country to have a new president and also, how amazing is it to see the shift of power happen peacefully-that can be rare throughout the world!

i have to say, i'm glad that my nephews have a better (visible) black role model than the rap stars and pro athletes.