Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Luke Peterson

You'd never guess that this boy is an Arizona-native:
And, you might not know that Luke got the wrong last name. It should be "Peterson." You see, we Petersons don't like to travel. We like consistency in our food, housing, and sleeping schedules.

So, we shouldn't have been surprised to see a most miserable Luke in a strange house, in a strange bed, eating food similar to what he eats at home (but perhaps you don't know that homemade Utah raspberry jam is just not the same as store-bought Arizona raspberry jam--so, of course, don't eat it!)

Luke sobbed at night when we tried to put him to bed, pushed away many of his favorite foods at each meal, and in general, kept busy trying to destroy Granda's and Grandpa's house.

But, when he walked into his own house, he took off all his clothes, got his stroller, put a baby and a train in the stroller, and was just the happiest boy I'd ever seen, walking around, making sure important things, like his crib and the library DVDs, were all there waiting for him.

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Adriana said...

terrible two's: I am not excited to do this again :D