Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Super Nanny Kind of Day

When I first became a mom, my friend, Aimee, told me something I've never forgotten. She said, "Sometimes, I like to watch Supernanny just so I can see that I am doing a few things right."

I love Supernanny for this very reason.

When the pre-Supernannified parents have children hitting and yelling at them, I rather sanctimoniously know that I am the better parent. My well-behaved cherubs know who the boss is; they would never be so obnoxious, and I would never be so out-of-control.

However, at 10 am this morning, I wasn't so sure. The boys and I were still in my pajamas, and I think our only notable accomplishment was breakfast.

Asher had been in time-out 6 (6!) times in 1 hour for hitting/pushing Brother Luke and/or biting me and/or throwing a tantrum about TV and/or throwing a tantrum about picking up the diapers he had emptied from the Costco box of diapers (the box of diapers I bought on Tuesday).

I finally had to lock him in his room for the forseeable future for the safety of all of us (Asher, in particular). Then, I realized...I am one of those pre-Supernannified parents. Sigh...

The picture is from my favorite magnet maker.


Tim and Jennifer said...

I love watching Nanny 911...but TIm thinks it is annoying. It gets us talking about how we will discipline our kids though. I like to think our family will never get that bad either!

Adriana said...

Hahahahaha! I had quite the chuckle out of the magnet :) I feel like that quite a bit! j/k. All of that is very similar to the Farar house. I am not sure what to do with Thomas sometimes. I have started to read Elder Ballard's talk in the morning to help me keep sane. I usually start crying by the third paragraph and am ready to deal with Thomas with love :) Plain and simple: parenting is HARD!

Nate said...

I keep on telling Emily that smacking Asher about the head a couple of times when he is misbehaving works wonders.

For some reason, she refuses the Nate school of discipline.

SLP said...

Taylor and I love SN for the same reason. That said, our little energentic almost one -year old is enough to make anyone dizzy (and I dare say, even SN).
Great post.