Sunday, April 20, 2008

Did I really give my students an end of the semester push speech that ended with me telling them to, “Show me the money?”

Yes, yes, I did.'s been a long semester


Nate said...

Hmm I thought this was a recap of our family budget discussion from last week.

Emily = Cuba Gooding Jr.
Nate = Tom Cruise
Asher = Giant black guy that was doing some terrible dancing in the background.
Thor = He has not earned the right to participate in family events. Anytime we are doing a family activity we lock Thor in the closet.

EmilyCC said...

Who is Thor? Don't know anyone in our family by that name.

The Albertsen Family said...

Sometimes I think made up children are so much easier than the real thing. I did however know a kid name Thor and he looked the part.

Kate said...

Is Nate still trying to call Luke Thor? It seems like the birth announcement email that Nate sent after Luke was born mentioned Thor.

Anyway, this post was so funny, Emily. I love it. (I just got thrown off by reading the comments before posting my own.) Your blog has been a true source of laughter these days. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

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Nate said...

spammers are teh debil!!!!!!