Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Top Ten Things I'm glad I got from my mom:

1. a love of work My mom can grade 20 papers, write a Sunday School lesson, and host a dinner for her kids in on any given day.

2. a deep spirituality We may not have had FHE every Monday or scripture study every night, but she instilled a great love of God and sense of morality by her example.

3. the desire to write I wish I had more of her ability to write.

4. appreciating delicious food (my mom and I like to cook, but only as a means to an end) My mom's and my ideal vacation involves a lot of sleeping and eating and a few Broadway shows.
5. her legs Really, have you seen them? They're hot!

6. perserverance When the going gets rough, I go get my mom. She has the ability to be with people in their deepest, darkest times. She'd make a good chaplain :)

7. an awareness of others' needs and the energy to help them (I wish I had more of that, too) After Mom is done grading papers, teaching Gospel Doctrine and cleaning up from dinner, she'll call a friend or family member to make sure they're doing ok.

8. important housekeeping lessons Mom worries that she didn't teach us anything about keeping a house, but I think the lessons are so ingrained (bleach the kitchen sink, use Ajax for the bathtub, pretreat stains), we just do them.

9. a love of teaching My mom is a great teacher; when I get to be in her Sunday School class, I wish I could teach as well as she does.

10. her advice, e.g. "Why don't you date that Nate Curtis? He seems like a nice guy." The advice I've tried to implement all the time since becoming a mom, "Well, let's not worry about that until it happens."


Mary said...

Thank you, dear Emily, for making up all those nice things about me. But I am not exaggerating when I say that you are one of the best mothers ever. I admire your love, wisdom, and patience with Asher and Luke--and, well, me.

Kate said...

I have always loved your mom too. And I've always tried to keep my house as clean as your mom always kept yours when we were growing up. And yes, she has great legs!

Rachel said...

I really don’t think there could be a better Mom. I am always blown away by her strength and spirituality.