Sunday, May 4, 2008

There's a reason why he's called Tio Tomas...

My youngest brother got his mission call yesterday (drum roll, please)...

Tom is going to the Oakland, California Spanish speaking mission.

I'm super excited to have a Spanish speaker in the family, and I think a state-side Spanish speaking mission has got to be one of the most useful missions for a person to serve.

And here, Nate and I thought we'd already made a big enough sacrifice by letting Tom go to BYU!

I'm afraid this video will make me cry on August 7th!


Kate said...

That's the cutest picture. And that's the Thomas I will always have in my head. Just a little guy.
CONGRATULATIONS to Tom. State-side Spanish speaking is really a dream come true. How awesome for him!! And I really cannot believe he's all grown up.

Nate said...

Tom getting called to a mission in the san francisco area.

And some people think the church is not inspired.

My little latina's mission call is so proof.

Jessica said...

That's exciting, Emily.
My little brother still has a few more years, but how cool for him and for your family.
(I still think we should set him up with my little sister, but I guess that can wait for a few years :)