Sunday, May 4, 2008

Happy Birthday, Aunt Sarah!

So, we're about a month late, but I didn't want to let a good reason to write a post about Aunt Sarah go by.

The whole family benefits from Aunt Sarah living 5 minutes away from us. We all love her, but Asher and Luke really LOVE her.

Luke is particularly fond of her. As soon as she walks in through the door, he wants her to pick him up. Then, he'll rest his head on her shoulder and stay there for an inordinantly long time for a newly mobile 1 year old. Sarah lived with us for 6 months soon after Luke was born; I think they formed a special bond then.

Asher loves "Aunt Sawah," too. Sarah takes him to parks and on long walks. She blows bubbles for him, reads him books, builds him trains--whatever Asher wants, Aunt Sarah will do it. So, he was happy to reciprocate all that by "helping" her open her birthday presents (see picture).

I love that Sarah is always ready and eager to help. Sometimes, she'll call up out of the blue to ask what she can do to help. She's always up for an emergency babysitting job--if her full social calendar allows it (darn singles ward and their activities!).

Sarah is as good as they get! I love her and not just because I'm counting on her to let me into the Celestial Kingdom through the backdoor.

She's the best!


Nuestra Familia said...

Happy Late Bday Sarah, you are so great with your nephews. I always need an emergency babysitter.

Kate said...

How great to have Sarah around! Happy belated birthday from me too.

Hillery Ray said...

We love Sarah too! Happy birthday!

jaredandmatisse said...

I have been anxiously awaiting the Happy Birthday Sarah post! I think she needs to start a blog because I would visit it EVERY DAY! Happy birthday Sally!