Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Mom, I made a pretty picture,"

said Luke with a black Sharpie in hand and a poopy diaper around his ankles this morning.


Rachel said...

On the bright side, at least he didn't color with the poop.

Magic erasers work great, just ask Noelle.

Adriana said...

Oh my goodness!!! :( but yet, a big :)
Do you still have two children? :)

I hope that is something that will work with Magic Eraser, because usually when my kids make "pretty pictures" I couldn't get it off with ANYTHING! when we painted my had had liquid prime (I think it was in a spray can) only thing that covered it up!

Wadas Family said...

Ha ha...that looks like our house!! A Luke original. Except Elle tried it with paint too. And our house was painted with cheap flat paint, so when you try to wipe it off, the paint comes with it. So her artwork adorns our hallways.

Adrianne said...

If I was a really cute sweet sentimental mom (which sometimes I wish I was) I would go buy some moulding and frame it. How cute- Luke's art, a 1 of a Kinds, an original. Right there on the wall in the dining room.

But I am not and so . . . . scrub scrub scrub and then repaint!!

Mike and Bianca said...

OH MY GOSH! lol!

I know I have this kind of stuff to look forward to in the future... I'm so excited! ;)

Tim and Jennifer said...

Better on the wall than on fabric, right? :)