Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mom, I am a BUSY BOY!

Last year, Asher's academic team recommended that he do his PANDA program in the afternoon and a mainstream preschool in the morning to get him ready for kindergarden.

All summer long, I agonized about this. Asher going to school from 9 to 2 pm every day seemed like a lot for a little boy who still takes naps. But, as a side note, how lucky am I that THIS is what has been keeping me up at nights?

So far, Asher has been delighted. He loves the morning school, where he gets to see his best friend, Mary, and he gets to carpool with his friend, Zachary. Then, there's still those bus rides in the afternoon plus getting to eat lunch at his "old school." The first day of this full schedule, he got off the bus and came in the house with a big smile and said, "Mom, I am a BUSY BOY! I get to go to 2 SCHOOLS!"

And, then, yesterday, I picked him up from school #1 to go to school #2. I said, "It's time to go to your other school."

Asher's response: "Yeah, I go to 2 schools. Hmmm...maybe I could go to 3?"

You'd think that since he had two different first days of school that I would have got a picture of ONE of them, but I didn't. There wasn't a need for any back-to-school shopping, so both days kind of snuck up on his. So, here's his school picture from his "old school," which shows how really slow I am at blogging. I was hoping for a a picture of him home from school--dirty and sweaty as a 4 year old busy boy should be, but he's usually asleep when the bus driver drops him off.

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