Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luke's Imagination

Luke is the best self-entertainer ever. (My mom says he gets that from me.) With Asher in school most of the day, Luke and I like to putter around the house. And, Luke prefers that I not be around while he putters.

Here are some play areas I found after putting him down for a nap:

Ok, this one makes me cringe a bit...these cars were first used in the planter and then, made their way into Aunt Gail's baby grand piano (that we are borrowing).

Seriously, the kid will play in a planter for 1 hour, talking to himself and the trucks he is playing with, or with animals, growling away among the houseplants.


SLP said...

Have you found any toys in his diaper yet?
Aren't boys soo fun :)

Brooke Peterson said...

This one really made me smile. I loved it.