Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scenes from a Marriage: Green Thumb

two days ago

Emily: You know, I transplanted this plant and have watered it like normal, but I think it may be rotting.
Nate: Well, does it have that rot smell?
Emily: No, it smells normal, but the leaves look yellow and it's all droopy.
Nate: Well, you still smell the organic smell, but underneath that, you'll sense a hint of rot.
Nate sniffs the dirt.
Nate: Yeah, it's rotting.
Emily: But, it just smells like dirt to me.

Today, I threw out the poor plant; the roots had rotted away.


brandonm said...

Let's all agree, Nate is the official rot smeller. He's just that good.

Nate said...

I so want that on my grave stone