Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scenes from a Marriage: 10th Anniversary

Fall 2008--this conversation happened during the elections last year and thought I'd save it for our 10th anniversary. Little did I know that the dialogue wouldn't be applicable seven months later.

Nate: (a tirade about what Obama has done wrong, will do wrong, and is thinking about doing wrong)

Emily: Hey, remember that ecology major I married? A member of the Green Party, who was going to do the Peace Corps with me?

Nate: Yeah, now, I have an MBA, a pick-up truck, and a gun.

Emily: When are you gonna get a Confederate flag for the back window of your truck?

Nate: Where's that feminist who was going to be a religion professor, study in Israel, and have kids when she was 40?

Emily: Probably wondering where that consultant's wife with the uncontrollable kids gets the money to pay for those cute highlights and a fabulous housecleaner.

Post-recession: Nate's work has been slow, and my teaching contract wasn't renewed. So, my cute highlights and fabulous housecleaner are a distant memory as is Nate's truck.

Not to worry, though, our uncontrollable children remain uncontrollable, and ultimately, we're more grateful for things we have in abundance: love of family and friends, opportunities to grow, and more time to spend together.

And, while I'm being sentimental, I have been thinking the past couple weeks how happy I am to be married to Nate for 10 years. I still am sad when he leaves for work, I'm still excited when he comes home, and I don't think there's a much better time to be had than having a date with Nate any night of the week. I'm a lucky, lucky woman.


Emma said...

Congratulations to you both! I love reading your blog. You strike the perfect balance between honesty and optimism. Even about hard topics like marriage :)

Brooke Peterson said...

I still get those feelings for my husband after 32 years. We've both moved a "little" closer to center and the art of compromise is going strong. Love to you both.

Rachel said...

The conversation was worth the wait to hear! I'm forever in your debt for marrying Nate... how else would I have gone to NAU... met Corey etc...etc...

Nuestra Familia said...

Yeah 10th anniversary!! I always love to read your posts, you are the best! now I better get going and start looking for father's day gifts ideas :)

SLP said...

I love your 'scenes from a marriage' snipits - they will make a great book someday.

Congrats on 10 years - that's AWESOME!

Carrie said...

Loved the conversation ... Happy (albeit LATE) Anniversary :)

sara said...

Happy belated anniversary :) You guys crack me up.

Mike and Bianca said...

That is so sweet! I love that picture. Congratulations!