Wednesday, April 8, 2009


A bit about Luke's personality...Luke will teach himself whatever he deems necessary. Should his mom or dad try to teach him something, he'll ignore them.

I swear since his birthday, he'll roll his eyes at me when we work on "How old is Luke?"--because putting up those 2 fingers is SO beneath him.

So, I haven't taught Luke much. Any words he has he's figured out on his own because they're very important (words like strawberry, dog, Calliou (really, what is my kids' fascination with that kid?), and cookie).

But, this week, Luke has decided to simplify his vocabulary. So, if you're Luke:
1) all vehicles are now "choo-choo trains"
2) all animals are now "elephants"
3) all foods are now "cookies"
4) all adults are now "Calliou"

And this picture? It looks like the boys are fighting, but that's them when I asked them to smile, look at the camera and say "cheese."

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Rachel said...

Aren't we all trying to simplify? Luke is just conserving his words. I love the picture, classic.