Sunday, March 22, 2009

Asher's first Primary talk

Asher was supposed to give a talk on how extended members of his family help him. I found these pictures and Asher supplied the text (ok, I told him the intro and conclusion, too). Apologies to family members and friends who aren't included in the talk; we had to keep it REALLY simple to help Asher get through it.

I love my family.
This is Grandpa, Granda, and Grandma Wanda. They give me hugs.

This is Grandpa; he plays trains with me.

This is Grandma; she makes me ice cream.

This is Aunt Maren; she takes me to the beach.

This is Uncle Tom; he stayed home with me when I was a baby, and he plays Rockband with me.

This is Evan; we go to the zoo.
This is Sister Farar; I go to her house when my mom has to work and when she goes on trips.
These people are my family, and I love them!


Adriana said...

Good Job Asher! ( I would have loved to have heard and seen that)! :D
How exciting! they are growing up so fast!!!

Nuestra Familia said...

Great Job Asher, you are awesome and I'm sure you did a super job!

Tim and Jennifer said...

How cute! I did sharing time on that same theme... his talk was way better!