Friday, March 20, 2009

Two Years Ago

A few days ago, the radio said that the temperature was 10 degrees above normal and reminded us that heat records were being set two years ago this week--it was 20 degrees above normal. I remember that time because the temperature hovered around 100 degrees for 5 days, and I was 9 months pregnant.

Those five days have made me ponder the following question: How does a woman in her third trimester live in Phoenix in the summer?

Because at 100 degrees, I learned that everything swells, and all I wanted to do was beach my whale of a body on my bed, in the dark, with the fan blasting. Oh, and I turned on my air conditioning in March (but don't tell my in-laws because they have a competition every year to see who will cave first to turning on the A/C. And, people, NO ONE CAVES UNTIL MID-JUNE!)

Anyway, during this time, Luke gave me the best present ever...he arrived 6 days before his due date, which is why he's my favorite (especially today because his brother is sick enough to be whiney, but too sick to go to school).

Happy belated birthday, Lukey! We'll celebrate with more than a popsicle when things calm down here.


Adriana said...

Thomas and I spent ALOT of time at the pool and the splash park! I really liked having Thomas in the early spring :) but my plan for Alex didn't work out like that :)

Happy Birthday Luke! you are getting so big!

Rachel said...

June better come and go quickly or else the A/C bill is going to be out of this world.

Wadas Family said...

Oh no fun Emily...I hope he's feeling better for your trip. Isn't it funny the crazy things a pregnancy brings to mind? I have the serial shooters linked to my fear of driving downtown to Good Sam in the middle of the night to deliver Elle! Yuk!

Tim and Jennifer said...