Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nate is winning the battle...

...but I will win the war.

Ah, some blogger I am! I have managed to leave off the details of the fight Nate and I had to name Luke.

Nate wanted to name Luke, "Thor." I thought that was a dumb name. We're not Norse--we're barely Scandanavian. (Of course, Nate counters, "Well, we're not Jewish, and we have a kid named, 'Asher.'") would you feel calling out for "Thor" in the mall playground? (This is final test for naming my children: will I feel stupid calling their name in the mall playground? I know it's saved one of my kids from being named, "Ephraim.")

Anyway, our compromise was to make Luke's middle name, "Thoreau." I figured we could disguise "Thor" and make us look like fancy intellectuals at the same time.

But, Nate has been working hard to get Luke to answer to "Thor."

Yesterday, a woman at the grocery store said to Luke, "What's your name?"

Luke's response?

"Thor" (Fortunately, as you can hear from the video, it doesn't sound much like "Thor.")


Adriana said...

I don't know if you remember this, but Damond has a cousin married to a Thor Thorson! (Shhhhhh! I am not a fan) :)
and that's the middle name of their son ( so the name will cont) :(

Carrie said...

Ahh ... the naming wars. Joshua was pretty easy but Eli ... we argued about a name for him until 3 weeks before he arrived! If we do have a third child ... and it happens to be a boy, we might never agree on a name!

Jessica said...

I've been watching clips from Chelsea Handler and Jon Stewart all night in an effort to put more humor into my life.
However, none of these clips made me laugh as much as your post.
Mark really wanted Asher and Fin to be named Milo. But, it sounds like a pet's name.
Thor sounds like a sci-fi character.
(I do like Thoreau)
We had a similar situation with Jaxon. Mark's middle name is his dad's, Lawrence. But, we didn't like it so much, so we shortened it to Law.

However, all of this pales in comparison to Leslie's husband Steve who wanted to name their son,

So, he's lucky that they named him Kode.

Nate said...

Oh yeah Baby!!

Thor is the toughest name on the planet. It is a proven fact that boys named Thor do better in sports, are more attractive, and intelligent than average.

His name coupled with his superior genetic strain will ensure that Thor is a God among men (pun intended).

sara said...

You guys are so funny.

EmilyCC said...

Adriana, I totally forgot about Thor Thorson!

Carrie, yeah, we're dead if we have another boy. Really, I don't know what we'll do.

Jessica, Nauvoo? This is why kids need moms to save them from their dads' crazy names.

Nate, yeah, your first choice for Asher's name was a manly one, too.

Sierra--everyone thinks of the Sierra Nevadas when they hear that. Who thinks of the 500 girls they know with that name?

Michael said...

Although I tend to go with Nate on many things, I'm definitely with Emily on this one. Thoreau. Long may it be said instead of "Thor".