Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grandma Wanda and the Choo-Choo Trains

Some of our faithful readers (all three of them) may have noticed that Asher has a bit of a train obsession. Grandma Judy is working on a book for Asher (she makes one for each of the grandkids with a particular theme when they are about 3), and it's about Asher and trains.

Up in Boulder City, they have a full size train that runs on the weekend. We also hadn't been up to see Grandma Wanda for a while, so on Thursday, we decided to crash a trip up there that Judy and Starr had planned (are we fun and spontaneous or what?!). Asher was the happiest kid ever--he even looked full on at the camera and smiled.

The boys (all of them) loved sitting by Grandma Wanda on the train.
We even got a picture to put in Nate's Father's Day picture frame (finally).
Asher and Luke were so good on the driving part of the trip, and it was so nice to see Grandma Wanda, Susan and Larry. We may go on vacation more often!

Nothing is better than a Grandma Wanda snuggle!


Rachel said...

You look amazing in that picture with the boys!

Carrie said...

We have to go see Grandma Wanda too! Joshua has a TOTAL train obsession! We have 2 sets of Thomas trains ... we watch trains on the computer ... we sing train songs! We're on train overload! (Well, at least I am!!)

Jessica said...

That is a cute picture of you and the boys. Luke is starting to look more like Asher. They are adorable.
Yes, we know all about train overload at our house.
In case you haven't gone, there's Rail Fair at McCormick/Stillman RR Park Oct 13-14. It's the best.

Also, have you ever gone on the Polar Express? It's my favorite. We're going on a Sunday in December (the tickets sell out really fast) I didn't get mine until late last year and we ended up going in January.

EmilyCC said...

Thank you, Rachel--I owe it all to a gym with unlimited childcare hours!

Carrie, what is it with boys and trains? Now, Luke is getting into them, too. Sigh...

Jessica, we did Polar Express last year. I don't know if I will be brave enough to do it again. Nate had to work, so the boys and I went solo with my family. Then, the train broke down for 45 minutes, so sat in the dark with my kids screaming their heads off.

But, the Rail Fair--that's something we'll have to do.

Nuestra Familia said...

Yes, I agree with Rach, You look incredible and I love that you got a picture where everyone is looking.
What a fun time, trains are the best!

Jessica said...

That sounds horrible! I can't believe the train broke down.
The first year we did it, Mark got sick at the last minute, so my mom came with us.
Last year Mark was there, but both years we had a rough night sleeping with all of our kids in the same room.
And, it's pretty cold up there, we were huddling in the icy rain waiting to board the train.
Yes, let's plan to meet up at Railfair! It's a year's worth of trains in one day.